Recovery // Generalised Anxiety FAQ & tips


As with any mental health problems,anxiety can take on many forms and be as complex as the sufferer. I've read so many inspiring stories on blogs recently that I thought I'd put together some information about my condition.Today I've decided to share my experiences with Generalised Anxiety Disorder (also known as GAD) and tips that I've been using to help keep it under control.Of course,I'm not a mental health professional,but I hope that by sharing my thoughts and advice I might help someone who is also struggling.If you are in any way having problems with your mental health,please visit your GP and/or confide in a trusted family member or friend.

What is Generalised Anxiety Disorder?

According to Anxiety UK,Generalised Anxiety Disorder is where the sufferer feels constantly anxious on a daily basis.Often called "chronic worriers",sufferers can be prone to thinking the worst is going to happen.

In my case,my worries are irrational and blown out of proportion.My mind makes up negative situations using "what if's" to keep me in a constant state of unease and worry.For the most part,my anxiety revolves around the thought that people are going to criticise me or shout at me.Also,being late,lack of sleep and large crowds can worsen my already anxious state.My thoughts often escalate out of control and I lose the ability to reason and make sense of the situation.

What are the symptoms of GAD?

This depends on the individual who may only have one or all of the following symptoms which can be physical and/or psychological.According to the NHS site,some of the symptoms include (but are not limited to);

  •  Irregular heartbeat (palpitations)
  • Sweating and shakiness
  • Dizziness
  • Feeling "on edge"
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Problems sleeping
  • Feeling sick
  • Muscle aches
  • Feeling tense
  • Withdrawl from social contact
  • Taking time of work/school due to stress

How do you manage your anxiety?

I've found it quite helpful to write down the dates and times of when I'm feeling anxious so that I can notice any patterns in my moods and try to make positive changes.For example,I know that catching a train is really hard for me,so I try to make the experience easier by standing by the door and always buying a ticket from the cashier not the machine.Also,if my anxiety is really getting out of hand I often repeat statements like "This is only temporary" and "I've done this before and I was OK" to reassure myself and keep myself focused and safe.Of course,seeking professional help and therapy if you're able to is always a healthy route to go down.

Have you received therapy?

Yes,I attended therapy for 5 months last year for anorexia and anxiety which I found very helpful in helping me figure out why I was using behaviours.I was given Dialectic Behaviour Therapy which is often used to help treat people with self harming behavior and/or people who can't control their emotions.I learnt breathing and other coping techniques that I've used during tough times.

What would you say to someone suffering from GAD (or any type of anxiety) ?

You're most definitely not alone! I know that having mental health problems can make you feel very isolated,but sadly disorders such as anxiety and depression are becoming all too common.I would 100% recommend going to speak to your GP who can provide you with the resources,insight and advice you might need.As great as medical professionals are,it's useful to build up a positive and encouraging support network who will understand if you need to take some "me" time.Don't feel guilty if you need to take some time out,your mental health comes first as it affects everything from your relationships,body and mind.

I've found some useful helplines,guides and tips on everything anxiety

No Panic :- helpline that offers support to those suffering with anxiety,OCD,panic and phobias.
Anxiety UK FAQ :- useful information and statistics on what anxiety is and how it affects the body
Moodjuice  :-Anxiety self help guide to help you identify feelings and symptoms
NHS UK :- information and self assessments from the NHS to help sufferers.

I hope this helps someone who might be suffering with their mental health,and I'd be more than happy to listen to any problems you have.Please feel free to email me over at whimsicalmrsw@outlook.com.

What tips do you have to manage anxiety?


Lifestyle // Black Sheep Coffee Review*

There's nothing better than the smell of freshly brewed coffee in the morning,it really helps set me up for the day and I wouldn't be without my daily cup.If my finances could stretch I think I would visit Starbucks daily (so ready for gingerbread lattes!) ,but I'll settle for my favourite mug and a splash of milk and sugar.I live in an area that is really big on supporting indie brands,so I was really happy that the lovely people at Black Sheep Coffee sent me some ground coffee to sample.

I really enjoy using posh ground coffee in the cafetiere,it's all very fancy and novel to me as I've only recently discovered these! If only I had one of those milk frothers then I could have the full experience.Of course,no morning cup of coffee would be complete without a few biscuits for dunking.Anyway on to the main event,I thought I'd start writing reviews in a Q&A format so that they're easy to read and so that I don't forget the little details.

Who are Black Sheep Coffee?

Black Sheep Coffee are a London based company who pride themselves on offering high quality coffee at a reasonable price.They encourage people to "leave the heard behind" and enjoy a more flavourful and exciting coffee experience.

What products do they offer?

They sell ground and whole bean coffee priced at between £5.40-£6.40 per 227g.You can even buy 1kg of their coffee beans if you're serious about your caffeine habits.I think they're pretty good value as you could easily spend more than this on a couple of drinks at a coffee house. They even sell Black Sheep coffee t shirts so you can wear your love for all things java too!

What did you think of the coffee you tried?

I sampled the Robusta Revival ground beans (which you can buy here) and I was very impressed with how rich and deep the flavours were.I'm usually more of a instant coffee drinker, but I really enjoyed taking the time to make a more luxurious cup of coffee.It has a wonderfully smooth finish and it's very drinkable,I  love that the kitchen smells absolutely gorgeous now.These particular beans contain around twice as much caffeine as normal Arabica beans so if I wasn't awake earlier on,I am now! I'd say this would be the coffee to buy if you're a regular coffee drinker who is looking to get more out of their morning drink.

What else would you like to see from Black Sheep Coffee?

One thing I'm very impressed with is their social media interaction,sites like Twitter and Instagram are great ways to communicate with coffee lovers,and I think that will only stand them in good stead.I would love to see them release even more products,perhaps a caffiene free coffee for the evenings, or for those who aren't able to drink it.

I'm really glad I discovered this brand on Twitter.What's your go-to coffee order? I'm a latte girl myself.


Poundland bargains // Argan oil hair mask review

Being a teenager in the early 00's was awesome as I'm sure anyone around my age would agree.Busted were releasing some amazing jams,Mizz had all the style,beauty and boy information you could want,and GHD's were a staple in many girls beauty arsenal (I was always jealous of people who got the "limited edition" pink ones).I must have spent hours meticulously straightening my wavy hair into oblivion.As much as I loved the look then,years of frying my hair with no heat protection has left it looking a little worse for wear.It's much healthier now that I keep blow drying to a minimum though ,and I've been using this brilliant mask which has made a massive difference to the texture and look of my hair.

 Argan oil seems to be a bit of a beauty buzzword these days thanks to it's natural moisturising properties and antioxidants,you can see why it's often called "liquid gold".I'm happy that I can get involved too as Poundland currently offer a few different argan oil products for those of us on a budget.This pot contains 220ml of product in a sturdy plastic tub so not only is it butter fingers friendly,it's also a pretty cost effective way to perk up your hair.

I absolutely love the thick creme texture that glides onto my hair and really coats the problem areas,it feels like a very luxurious deep conditioning treatment.You don't need much either,I have quite long hair and I use about a 20p sized blob.I like to make it work a little harder by popping a shower cap on and letting it warm up.The scent is hard to describe but I'd say it smells very "professional salon quality" if you know what I mean,like those fancy products that hairdressers use.The directions suggest leaving it on for 7-10 minutes to let it soak in,but that's actually easy to do as it doesn't drip everywhere or irritate my skin.

After washing my hair thoroughly and blow drying,it feels so much healthier and in better condition.The ends are much less brittle and it has that after salon bounce to it! It hasn't weighed my hair down or left it feeling greasy,which was a concern for me with it being an oil based product.I think this mask could really give high end hair treatments a run for their money! I'm amazed that a budget product can offer these results.I'm definitely going to be repurchasing this.

Have you tried Argan oil products? What hair masks do you enjoy using?


Lifestyle // Charity shop & car boot haul

This week has been a crazy whirlwind of work,housework, and the kind of period that that only Cadbury's can fix (not that I'm complaining,yay recovery!) Thankfully things have calmed down a bit now, and I got out for a few hours to browse my local charity shops and car boot sale.Don't you just love it when you find exactly what you want for a fraction of the price? I've been unsuccessful with my shopping trips recently,but I've managed to pick up a few gems that I'd love to share with you.

I've seen this gorgeous looking cookbook from The Hummingbird Bakery retailing at Waterstones for £13, so I'm so happy I managed to pick this up in a charity shop for only £2.I have a massive sweet tooth and I'm always looking for new treats to bake and discover,even if they don't quite look like the beautiful cakes in the book.The photography and styling is so pretty,there's some definite photo inspiration here.I'm trying to build up a little cookbook collection and I think this book is a great one to add to my repertoire,I especially want to try the Green Tea cupcakes!

Car boot sales are an untapped resource for hidden treasures on a budget,so they're a great place to go if you love a bit of haggling or you're after a bargain.This Werthers toffee tin really caught my eye,I love the bright picture postcard design that instantly takes me back to my childhood.I think everyone's grandparents or elderly relatives have had these sweets on them at some point! I'm always looking for boxes and cases to store my bits and bobs in, and this was only 50p so I snapped it up.I was thinking I could use it to store my many USB cables,trying to find those is like looking for a needle in a haystack sometimes.

These gorgeous shoes are definitely the icing on my shopping cake! I'd been looking for some mid height
black heels that I could pair with anything,and still be able to walk in them at the end of the night.I've never owned a pair of "high end" brand shoes before and these are Kurt Geiger and they were in my size! I think the shoe gods were looking down on me.They are so comfortable and they don't really look like they've been worn very much,a quick scrub and they should be good as new! I'm so glad I carried on looking as I'd almost lost hope amongst the pairs of '80s trainers and mismatched boots.The bonus is they were only £1! A quid! 

Now that Car Boot sale season is in full swing,I'm definitely going to make sure I go to a few.I'd suggest getting there quite early though,because some people were already packing away by 11am.I'm hoping to build more of an autumn/winter wardrobe without breaking the bank too much! Luckily,there seems to be quite a few car boot sales down here,so I'll keep my eye open.

Do you ever go charity shopping or to car boot sales? What has been your most loved bargain?


Lifestyle // Tuesday Treasures #2

Here's the second edition in my Tuesday Treasures series and I'm sharing my latest Internet favorites with you all! I'm always super excited to make new discoveries,so here are the newest bits and bobs that I've been watching,reading,wanting and laughing at.

After binge watching season 2 of Orange Is The New Black, I'd been looking for a gritty comedy-drama to watch to fill the Netflix void.Like most things I've enjoyed watching,I have heard so many great things about this show,and I haven't been dissapointed so far! It's really well written and the actors are so believable.Bryan Cranston plays a troubled middle aged man who gets into a bit of a pickle (I won't spoil it for you!) very well,I've only ever seen him in Malcolm in the Middle,but he is a very versatile actor.I'm a bit slow on the uptake as there are five seasons,but if you're into crime dramas full of suspense and dark comedy then I'd check it out!

I've just discovered some beautiful illustrations by a Mexican artist called Ilse Valfre and I'm really glad I came across her work! I love quirky illustrations,and these adorable and wonderfully drawn characters are really striking.I'm looking to buy some art so it's great that she has an online store where you can buy clothes,accessories and prints all covered in her offbeat style.

When I scroll through Instagram,I definitely notice a bit of a pattern going on! I've seen a Starbucks cup have tons of like before,throw in a cute cat and artsy food shots,and you're a fully fledged IG addict! Satiregram is an account full of witty sentences about our favourite and most cliched Instagram snaps.

This beautiful bunting necklace is just too adorable for words! I love subtle jewellery that you can wear with everything,and this is a great budget piece at only £12.You can buy it from Ji Ji Kiki which is an awesome independent online store selling wonderful vintage bits and bobs.I had the pleasure of hearing Emma,the lovely owner of this shop give a talk at the South West Blog Social,she's so genuine and hard working!

I don't really know how I'd describe my interior design style,but I love anything cute,vintage and completely unnecessary! I've seen little deer figurines all over the internet and on blogs recently,and I think they would add a lovely touch of kitsch to any home.I reckon I'd be able to find some in a charity shop,that's going to be my next mission.

There's more!

If you need any proof that elephants are awesome,here are 22 photos of them making the world a better place.
I keep wanting to play the indie horror game Slender, but I keep chickening out! Has anyone had a go? I'm a big fan of first person survival games.
This hilarious video by Brett Domino will show you how to make a pop hit song
SimplyNoise is a great site that plays white,pink or brown noise which is great to relax your mind or help you concentrate.
Taking myself back to my tween and teen years with 31 things that always got '00s girls in trouble.I think I was surgically attached to my GHD's.

What are you loving this week? I'd love some more things to check out!


Food // 2 ingredient Virgin Pina Colada Lollies

If you like Pina Coladas,and getting caught in the rain then today is probably quite a good day for you as we seem to have had all four seasons the past couple of days! I was after something to relieve my wisdom tooth pain (why do we even have these?) that still tastes good.I mean clove oil is working well, but it's no dessert.I decided to go with a simple lolly recipe made with pineapple which is good for reducing inflammation,and coconut milk which contains an antiviral and antibacterial compound called monolaurin.

I can't get over how adorable this lolly molds from Poundland are,when I was a child I remember those ones with the little straw so you could sip the juice,ahh the 90's.These are really simple to make,and as I bought the cheapest ingredients they only work out at around 49p per lolly,which is much cheaper than a Magnum.I know they don't look the most appetising right now,but neither do kebabs and they're fricking gorgeous.Trust me,they're going to taste awesome.I love everything tropical,so I'm going to pretend I'm in the Caribbean and not overcast Devon.Here's a quick how-to on how I made them.

For 6 lollies you'll need

carton Pineapple juice
pouch of coconut milk

I filled each mold with a mixture of half pineapple juice and half of the coconut milk,making sure to leave a little gap at the top so that it doesn't overflow when it freezes.Coconut milk can have lumps of coconut cream in it,but you can just stir this in or leave it for some texture.texture. I've found these take around 6 hours to fully freeze and then you're good to go.I'm sure it would taste really good with some pineapple or other fruit chunks in there too.

Here's the finished result! I'm really happy with how they turned out,although I'm still partial to a Zap lolly now and again.

What ice lollies are you enjoying this Summer?


Beauty // Timeless Truth Face Masks review *

There's nothing nicer than the feel of a face mask doing it's magic and wiping away the days make up and stress.That's why I'm very happy to share with you these Timeless Truth masks that I was sent to review.I've been trying to include more masks in my beauty routine because I'm lazy,and I love anything that I don't have to fuss over and it means I can watch Netflix at the same time!

I love that they come with a little booklet which details all the information about the masks they offer,they've definitely thought this through! These sheet masks come in individual pouches and retail on thebeautymask anywhere from £4.95 to £7.65 each.This seems a little pricey,but they do focus on using high quality ingredients to create the "ultimate mask experience"

Miracle Rejuvenation Mask  £6.45 *

I thought I'd start with the mask that I enjoyed the most,which is targeted towards dry,ageing or  pigmented skin.This is the first mask I've used that has really clever ear hooks to allow the mask to stay in place-genius! As with all the masks,it's heavily saturated with serum that sinks into the sink easily and feels very nourishing.It contains a wide range of useful ingredients including m-Tranexamic acid to help fight inflammation,Argireline to reduce lines and Salicylic Acid,which I love as it's a really effective spot fighter and manages to reduce my pores.I kept this on for 15 minutes before removing it and my skin felt wonderful afterwards and very "glowy".I think this would be a great mask to prep your skin for Summer.

Herbal Rejuvenation Imortelle Mask £4.95 *

I love anything that uses Vitamin E as it works wonders on healing skin and keeping it in good condition.This not only contains Vitamin E, but also incorporates herbal essences and Immortelle Extract to deliver a big moisture hit to ageing and/or dry skin. Apparently, the Immortelle flower is a very versatile plant whose extract can help calm and revive tired skin,although you won't find any in your garden as they're a Mediterranean flower,it's great to have the wonderful benefits of this flower in a handy and easy to use mask.The formula feels very hydrating and leaves my skin feeling really plump and even,so much so that I didn't even wear make up afterwards.I would definitely recommend this mask if you need to give your skin a pick me up,or your suffer from dry,irritated skin.

Bio Cellulose EGF Mask £7.65 *

Honestly,I don't think I'd ever get botox in the future,as tempting as it may be I'd be worried something would go wrong.Saying that, I'm always looking for lotions and potions to help my skin stay looking fresh and renewed,that's why I really enjoyed using this EGF Bio Cellulose Mask which is full of ingredients to aid in collagen production and reduce lines.Hylauronic acid helps the skin hold onto water which means a more youthful and firm complexion, and ECF or "Epidermal Growth Factor" repairs cells and supports their growth.It all sounds very sciency but it really does work to even and soften all of my problem areas.I also noticed that my t-zone wasn't as shiny and my foundation glided on more smoothly than before.

Tip: After removing the mask,I rubbed the sheet over my skin so that any excess serum soaked into my skin and it doubled up as a massage too-bonus!

I've really enjoyed using these masks,I think they'd be great before an event,or just to have a relaxing night in.They're really easy to use and they definitely feel like they have done my skin the world of good.I thought i'd document some of my "ultimate mask experience" with selfies (of course)

I'm really happy with the results,I'm make up free in the last photo,and my skin hasn't felt this good in ages.I suffer with temperamental combination skin that can get irritated quickly,but you wouldn't know! I'm going to try and keep my skin in this condition by drinking lots of water and not relying on make up wipes at the end of the day (bad blogger).Watch this space!

Are face masks a regular part of your beauty routine?


Lifestyle // Tuesday Treasures

Hey guys, I hope you're having a lovely Tuesday!

I've read so many awesome posts with people sharing their favourite picks of the Internet,so I'd thought I'd share mine with you all.If you're a fan of cute animals,food and pretty photographs then why not sit down and have a cuppa?


This print is perfect for any Orange is the new black fans!

This recipe for Lavender Lemonade sounds like the perfect drink for Summer!


Japan has so many wonderfully cute snacks. These Caramel Pudding flavoured Kit Kats can be baked in the oven for a creme brulee style dessert.

This beautiful secluded Moonbeam Yurt in Okehampton looks so cosy and a change from bog standard hotels.You even get use of the hot tub for free! This is actually pretty close to home for me,so I think I'll have to give hubby a hint.

Can you believe that this photograph was taken with a smartphone? It's so crisp and beautiful.


This is just the hair colour I'd want if I didn't work in retail and was feeling brave!

I don't think I've ever heard more beautiful words than "Starbucks Salted Caramel Mocha Latte Cupcakes".


These cute cat flats are wonderful Charlotte Olympia Kitty flats lookalikes and they're only £7.05!


This LED colour changing shower head would make early morning starts 100 times more fun!

There's more!

Kill time with these 35 Surprisingly Useful Websites you never knew you needed
I think "All about that bass" is going to be a Summer body positivity anthem
This adorable fox thinks he's a dog
These beautiful British beaches will make you think you're abroad
"Essential items" aren't taxed but there's a 5% tax on sanitary products,sign this petition to get the government to stop taxing periods.
I've been watching Miss Representation which is a really eye opening film about Women in society and leadership roles.
I'm sure we can all relate to the 10 emotions we all experience in Primark
I've been checking my Ask.fm so if you have any questions or advice that needs answering,pop over and it will feature in my Sunday Support series.

Catch up with me on Twitter & Bloglovin <3


Recovery // Sunday Support Series #1

So today marks the first post in my Sunday Support series where I answer any questions or queries that people have given me over on my Ask.fm. Ignoring the question that I got enquiring about wedgies,I got a couple of questions on body image and eating disorders that I've taken the time to answer.I think lots of people feel the same too,so hopefully lots of people can draw something from the answers.

Q1. What books/websites/tools did you find helpful while recovering from your eating disorder?


The Youreatopia forums and resources really helped me focus on my recovery and regain both my physical and mental health.In today's diet culture and fatphobic society,recovering from eating disorders can be so draining and feel near impossible. Youreatopia offers clear and easy to understand scientific information regarding recovery,weight and mental health.The website (which has been awarded "top 50 emotional eating websites 2013") advocates eating your minimum calorie intake which may be 2500+ and explains how everyone has
their own set point weight range that your body likes to be in.It's very hard to get your head around,but I've been maintaining my optimal weight on about 3000 calories and food doesn't even cross my mind anymore (of course there are bad times) I would really recommend checking it out here.It's basically all about learning to trust yourself and your body.

The Doctor

If you are struggling with an eating disorder of any kind,no matter what your size or age is,or how long you've had it for,then I'd strongly recommend visiting your Doctor.They can monitor your health and refer you to any therapy or other groups that you might feel you need.

Q2.I've never liked myself,but lately it's developed into a serious problem.I feel stressed and anxious about getting dressed everyday, and I worry how I look before I leave the house.It's making me not able to enjoy much anyway because I feel so ugly.Do you know anyway I could try and change this? xx

I completely understand where you are coming from as this is something that I still struggle with too,so just know that you're not alone.What has helped me is realising that you can never see yourself as what you truly are.A mirror gives a reflected image and photographs only give you a snapshot in time,so you will never see what other people see.Wearing comfortable clothing in the right size can go a long way into improving your mood and making you feel more able to carry out everyday tasks.There's nothing worse than wearing something too tight and then fixating on your body all day. I've cut out the size tags before as well if I found that the number was bothering me.Finally, please remember that your size,shape and appearance have no bearing on who you are.You are a whole person with feeling,thoughts and experiences that clothes sizes and the scales are never going to measure.

I think that Ask.fm is a good way to get your questions to me as some people don't feel comfortable with people knowing their name and I'm definitely going to include this a regular feature.feature. I've really enjoyed answering your questions and I would love more for next week! I'm happy to talk about anything but the areas that I know most about personally are eating disorders,bullying,family concerns,body image and general mental health.

I look forward to receiving more questions and remember there's no problem too big or small that I wouldn't like to help you with :)


Lifestyle // Explore my hometown

It's no secret that I love the Internet and normally every evening you can find me behind my screen pretend shopping and on Twitter,but recently I've been feeling a bit uninspired and stuck in one long brain freeze.I thought this would be a good time to get out in the glourious sunshine we've been having and take a moment to refresh my mind.When I'm stuck with a foggy brain I love to go to Totnes which is the town I grew up around,it's really popular with grockles (or tourists depending on where you're from!) this time of year and who can blame them?

beautiful scenery devon

Walking along the River Dart on Vire Island has to be one of the most relaxing ways to spend your day.I love watching the sun sparkle on the water and it's full of wildlife,including a few seagulls who will attempt to steal your ice cream.Vire Island is right in the centre of town too so it's a great place to go for a stroll after some shopping or a meal out.

If you love being on the water then Totnes is definitely for you,there's always someone sailing a boat or doing water sports.I even saw someone on what looked like a surfboard,standing up and using an oar to push themselves along! Does anyone know what that's called? It looks really fun,although I'm a bit of a scaredy cat when it comes to the River.There's an old legend around here, "Dart Dart,cruel Dart,every year thou claim'st a heart" but I would take that with a pinch of salt seeing as there's supposed to be Pixies on Dartmoor.

I always miss green fields when I go away,I spent so much of my childhood running around and watching the farm animals.It's so green and fresh and I can't think of a better view on a summer's day.

Whenever Totnes is in the news it gets portrayed as a hippy town and there's definitely a bit of that,we even have our own currency to promote local businesses, and the high street has quite a few quirky shops.This is the view up the main street,which is always filled with people trying to get photos of the clock arch as it's a bit of a landmark so I thought I'd get a picture in.I definitely think there is something for everyone here though,if you're into history and architecture I would definitely recommend popping down.It's a Anglo-Saxon town full of beautiful old buildings and lovely places to eat,I think it's a really underrated part of the country!

Have you ever visited? What did you think?


Poundland bargains // Chit Chat lash building mascara review

Please say that I'm not the only one that's sucked in by products and all of their fancy words? Anything that promises to perfect and polish my face I'm drawn to like a moth to a flame! I'd just finished my old mascara and I was looking for something more budget friendly that offered a little something extra,and that's when I saw this Chit Chat lash building mascara in Poundland.It was a sign that I had to pick it up,and for only a pound you can't really go wrong!

Poundland chit chat lash building mascara

Poundland budget lash building mascara
I like the packaging,it's eye catching and simple which is nice as some budget make up can look a bit flimsy and cheap. The only gripe I have is that the writing rubs off almost instantly,but I'm not applying that to my lashes so I'm not too concerned.I really like the wand, it's easy to use and really gets into the hard to reach areas to give a bit of extra volume. I've found that it can take a couple of dips to ensure that you've got enough mascara on the wand,but that could just be me,I'm a bit cack handed you see.Is it just me or does this remind you of Maybelline's The Falsies mascara?


poundland mascara review


poundland mascara results
The wand really separates and coats my lashes leaving them looking boosted yet still comfortable,it doesn't feel clumpy or irritating on my lashes,which was a concern for me being a cheaper product.It really works well at defining my eyelashes and making them pop.As for it's claims of lash building,my lashes do seem plumper and more fluttery (scientific word) so I'm sold. I've tried quite a few mascaras both budget and high end and I'd say this was as good as any.I think this would be a great buy to throw into your suitcase if you were going on holiday because it's cheaply replaced! I finished off my eye look with a quick swipe of MUA liquid eye liner (10/10 would recommend) in the morning and there was no flaking to be seen all day.I don't know how they make this product for only £1,  it seems to stay on all day but it's very easy to remove in the evening.If you're after a new mascara on a budget I'd definitely go and grab one of these and see how you get on!

What mascara are you loving at the moment?