Forever Autumn OOTD

I must admit I'm not a Spring/Summer person.I hear everybody getting excited about wearing pastels and sunglasses but I can't quite get on board.I try to drag out my Autumn/Winter clothes for as long as possible.Today was sunny but pretty cold so I bought out one of my favourite outfits that I have worn to death.
Dress-£5 from Primark
Utility jacket-£4.50 from Devon Air Ambulance Charity Shop
Leggings-£7 from Peacocks
Boots (in a later picture)-£12 from Primark

Sorry for the awkward stance,I haven't got used to being photographed yet! Burgundy and khaki are two of my favourite colours and I love the contrast between them and my pale skin.It's a really comfortable outfit which definitely helps me feel nicer,there's nothing worse than having to adjust yourself all the time.

I had to be careful when this photo was being taken as it looked a bit like I was flashing someone! Luckily,there was no one around.I love these £5 dresses from Primark because they are great to dress up or down.They're really soft too,and the stitching seems quite well done.I like the flattering cut and I'm a sucker for floral prints on anything.

A quick close up of my jacket.I had been looking for a khaki jacket for a while,so I grabbed this quick when I saw it.It was originally from Dorothy Perkins and I love the huge pockets (I like to take the whole house with me.)I had to roll up the sleeves because of my T-Rex arms,but I like to think this adds to the overall look.

I love these boots! They've definitely been worth their money.They are really comfy,although I've noticed that the sole is starting to come away,that's what I get for buying a cheap pair I suppose! I love the military look of them and they are pretty versatile.Not very exciting,but I really recommend the leggings from Peacocks,they are quite thick and the seams are pretty sturdy.I think they will last a few washes.

It's a pretty simple outfit,but I think that they can be the best sometimes.I don't think fashion needs to be something you overthink! I love getting inspiration from other people though,I see ideas I would never have thought of.

What's your favourite outfit right now?

5 things people say when you get married young.

I got engaged at 20 and married at 22.That time went very quickly,it was a whirlwind of white,excitement and trying to find buttonholes!Life has only got better since that amazing day,but I thought I'd share with you some things I have noticed people say and my thoughts on this life changing experience.

1. "Well,I heard that 50% of marriages end in divorce?"
I'm not too sure of the current statistics,but people definitely like to quote them! I think that no matter what age you are,there is obviously some chance of it not working out.I think what matter is your attitude and awareness of the problems that you might need to face together. I've know family friends be married for 40+ years and then split.

2."Why don't you ask your sister?"
The amount of people who mistake me for Sam's sister! I find it really amusing when he has to correct them saying that I'm his wife.Cue surprised looks and "oh,you're quite young aren't you?".I just smile,I can't complain if they think I look younger than I am,can I?

3."When are you having kids?"
I think anyone who is married or planning to gets this.One thing at a time please! We will have kids in our own time,I would like to spend some time together and make sure we have everything in place,before we bring another person into this!

4."Wait until you've been married 40 years,and then see how you feel!"
Ok! I'm sure I'll be very happy.I look forward to us sitting in armchairs with our slippers on,complaining about the youth of today.

5."You didn't take his last name,did you?"
Yes I did! I've wanted to be Mrs Wilkes for 10 years so I was more than happy to take his name.I love that it is something we share,and a permanent reminder (along with the rings!).Some people don't,some people do. I'veI've heard some lovely names double barrelled.When Dawn Porter married Chris O'Dowd she changed her name to O'Porter.There are tons of options and only choose what is right for both of you.

I know 90% of these are in good humour,and they don't bother me at all.I know I've made the best decision of my life and I couldn't be happier.The average age for women to marry in the UK is 28 so I'm a little younger than usual,but I think as long as you're two consenting adults in love,who cares!Whether you marry a man or woman,or you don't marry at all.Your happiness is the main thing and that doesn't have to come from a marriage or a relationship.

Find happiness in everyday!


Etsy Wishlist

Etsy Wishlist

Every time I have a look on Etsy,I have to hold myself back from spending my life savings! There are so many unique things that you never knew you needed.It's a great place to go if you want to buy something that you know you won't see 50 times on the high street.Here are my top picks right now!

1.Disney's Frozen "Let it go" necklace (£12.95 from this seller.)
I watched Frozen a little later then everyone else but I'm so glad I did.I loved everything about it;the characters,the music and of course,the plot twist.My favourite song is "Let it go",the lyrics are so meaningful and this necklace is so pretty! I love the little snowflake and it's dainty enough that I could wear it everyday.It's actually quite affordable too.

2.Life doesn't have to be perfect poster (£8.63 from this seller.)
I love beautiful fonts and sentimental quotes so this is perfect for me! I tend to be quite a perfectionist,so this would be a lovely reminder for me to appreciate the small things.I'd love to put this in my bedroom in a pretty frame.

3.Disney Pixar Up phone case (£14.17 from this seller.)
Up is another film that made me emotional! It's so beautifully written and the love story is just so adorable, but it's definitely a tearjerker.I was so happy to find a pretty phone case that would cover my Sony Xperia (they all seem to be for iPhones).I love the simple design and I definitely think this would make my phone look a little different (I'm always picking up other peoples phones!).

4.Bacon Beeswax Lip balm (£1.57 from this seller.)
I love bacon and a love lip balms (I have a bit of a collection),so I was really excited to see this.I've bought a few lipsticks before that contain beeswax and cocoa butter,two ingredients that I  find are really great at keeping my lips soft and preventing chapped skin.It says that it contains real bacon grease,which doesn't sound very appealing,but that is what makes a bacon sandwich taste so good! I'd probably end up licking my lips too much.

5.Beyonce coffee mug (£11.10 from this seller.)
Beyonce seems to be everywhere these days,and I know some people think it's a bit too much,but I just can't dislike her.I'm a 90's child and I was a Destiny's child fan,she's got an awesome voice! I thought this was really cute and it would definitely bring a smile to my face on a bad day.It's a bit more than I'd normally pay for a mug but it's novel and fun.

6.Carpe Diem notebook (£4.18 from this seller.)
I'm always collecting notebooks.I love all of the amazing designs you can get,and they are a great place to scribble all of my thoughts."Carpe Diem" or "seize the day" is a great motto to live by,and this little notepad is a great size to put in my handbag.

I definitely think I will end up buying some of these,I've bought a couple of things from Etsy recently and they've been of really good quality.Also,I like the idea of supporting small businesses who make great products!

Have you used Etsy before? What things do you love?


A walk can do wonders

Everybody has those days.You know,the ones where things just don't go right or you feel just a bit groggy.I love to get outside and just take in my surroundings.It's really easy to get caught up in life and I think taking the time to breathe in some fresh air and taking 5 minutes to collect my thoughts can really help.It hasn't rained for a while here in Devon,so I'd thought I'd take the chance whilst I can to get out in the sun.

I thought I'd take some inspiration from nature and wear these cute floral canvas shoes(I know, florals for spring..how groundbreaking!).They are so comfortable and I managed to get them for £6.99 from the British Heart Foundation.They are Joe Browns,which I know can be an expensive brand,so I was rather happy with that!

I love it when all of the flowers start coming through.February can be quite a drab and grey month,so these beautiful snowdrops,daffodils and crocuses really help brighten up the day.I always want to start growing flowers but I know I would end up neglecting them (I was a terrible Tamagotchi owner),so I'll settle for seeing these lovely ones.

I'm lucky that the village I live has a river running through it,it's beautiful to walk along in the summer and is a great place to go and have a picnic.I spent I while watching the ducks splash around and stick their bottoms in the air (does anyone know why they do that?),and it was really relaxing to watch the sun sparkles on the water.

I love people watching too,I always wander about people,what stories they have and if they have any weird quirks.Also it's great to be able to see "normal" people,which is a refreshing change from seeing celebrities and models on TV.Although I love the countryside,I love visiting cities too,checking out all of the interesting buildings and sights.I'm thinking of taking a little mini break at some point.

What places do you like to visit? I'd love some suggestions!

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