Internet // Why I hate Guru Gossip

I love joining in with Twitter chats,there's always so much interesting conversation and wonderful people to talk to! Yesterday's fashion bloggers (#fbloggers) chat was about Internet etiquette,and lots of people spoke about how they are supportive of each others efforts and take steps to avoid "trolls".Trolls are the lowest form of internet life,and take great delight in demeaning,belittling and insulting people online for fun and to get a reaction.We were talking about different platforms that exist for people to spout negativity,and someone mentioned a site called "Guru Gossip" where people go to "trash" bloggers and act like a group of teenage bullies.I thought I'd check it out but what I saw left me feeling really angry and upset.Just like anything though,there is always the small minority who ruin it for others.

Don't let the pretty logo and eye pleasing layout fool you,I only spent a short time browsing through the message boards and I was really dissapointed with how personal some of the comments were.It's fine to not like someone or their blog,and it's OK to give someone constructive and non offensive criticism,but it is not acceptable to make derogatory comments about weight,appearance and upbringing whilst photo shopping and sharing photos and videos of bloggers. Admittedly,there are areas of this site where people can talk about bloggers they do like in the "adored bloggers" section,and people who disagree with the website can say so over at the "Gurus Against Guru Gossip" board,but for every 1% of positivity and kindness it seems like the other 99% is pure bullying.

gossip website guru gossip

I just don't like the idea of a "gossip" site.It conjures up images of mean girls from school who sit around the table and discuss who they're hating today,except that most people on here seem to be adults and should definitely know better,although of course bullying isn't acceptable at any age.There are some people who would say "I can say what I want,it's a free country" or "it's not bullying",well to the first statement I'd say that although you can't censor the Internet or what people say,that doesn't mean that people should be posting inflammatory comments and using degrading language.Just because you can doesn't mean you should!

According to Stopbullying.gov bullying is;

Unwanted aggressive behavior that involves a real or perceived power imbalance.The behavior is repeated or has the potential to be repeated over time".

That definitely goes on at Guru Gossip.Whether you say something online or in person,it still has the power to greatly affect that person's self esteem and mood,and people should hold themselves accountable for what they say.People start up blogs for all kinds of reasons,and the variety is what keeps the community alive and interesting,who are the people over at Guru Gossip to say what people should do with their time,money and bodies?

If you've managed to get through this then you're a star,I just really needed to get this off my chest.Everyone who I've met online through blogging has been awesome and writing has really enriched my life and helped me gain more confidence! People need to remember that you don't have to bring someone else down to build yourself up.

/ end rant

Have you ever had a look at some of these "gossip" sites? Did it surprise you?

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Fashion // Charity shop budget OOTD

As payday is nearing but the funds are still low,I thought I would pop into my local charity shop to see what I could find.I've been having a look at people's OOTD/N posts more recently,and I've been really inspired by all of the different body types and fashion styles out there.This Summer I'm really trying to challenge the thoughts about my body and wear things outside my comfort zone,so I was very excited to come across this lovely dress.It was a complete steal at only £6.75 and was originally from Peacocks.It looks like it's barely been worn!

I usually tend to stick to neutral colours and cover up my arms so this is definitely a big fashion step for me! I love the print and the vibrant mustard yellow colour,it has a bit of a 60's feel to it I think,but correct me if I'm wrong.It kind of reminds of the Missoni print that was popular then.This dress also gets a gold star for being amazingly comfortable,it's got just enough stretch in the waist to accommodate food babies and period bloat.

This bag is from Primark and it goes with absolutely everything and it has enough room to store all of my essentials and some not so essentials.It feels really luxurious and well made,despite only being £12.If you're looking for a high quality bag on a budget,I'd definitely head to Primark right now!

I've just styled this dress with some black tights and brogues but I'm really looking for some new ways to wear it.What would you pair it with? 


Poundland Bargains // DermaV10 deep wrinkle collagen filler review

 I'm convinced that if I do all I can to stop wrinkles now,they will stay away for the forseable future and hopefully forever.I know this is wishful thinking but I already apply suncream and drink lots of water,and I was looking for a cream too add to my skincare collection that can help my skin stay looking young.I've had great success with Derma V10 products from Poundland in the past and I reguarly use their day cream,so I was really excited to try this deep wrinkle collagen filler.

I love how fuss free and crisp the packaging looks,it definitely helps the product look a lot more luxurious,if you didn't know you might have thought I paid a lot more for it! It's contains various ingredients that are designed to help leave your skin looking smoother and wrinkle free.Let's have a look and see what they do shall we?

Collagen :- This is a protein that can help maintain the elasticity of the skin and support the renewal of cells
Hylauronic Acid :-This substance helps the skin hold on to water which results in the reduction of wrinkles and signs of ageing

Shea Butter :- This is well known for being great for moisturising skin and leaving it soft and smooth.

Caffeine :- Great for perking up skin and reducing puffy areas.

It all sounds great doesn't it? On top of all of that,it's very easy to use.You just place the nozzle against any problem areas and then massage the cream in.For maximum results,it's suggested that you use this daily.

I've been using this product for about a week now and I'm really glad I've added it to my routine.It's really cooling and great at soothing the under eye area when I've had a long day.I've also noticed that it reduces under eye bags and dark circles,and that's worth a round of applause! It's.It's definitely helps me feel more confident in my skin,and the bonus is that I know no animals have been harmed either.I can't comment on it's wrinkle reducing abilities,but after applying it my skin does look more glowing and even,so I imagine that it would be an effective anti ageing cream too! It's everything I could want in an eye cream and I will definitely be repurchasing it again,although I think it will take me a while to finish as you don't need much.

What anti ageing products do you swear by?


Beauty // Kindred Spirit Perfume review (CK One dupe)

I love the feeling of finding that perfect scent that I can't stop wearing,it can make such a difference to my mood and I'm starting up a collection for every occasion.I always make sure to buy budget perfumes,so I can apply them liberally without having to shell out every couple of months.

I bought this Kindred Spirit Eau De Toilette from Trago Mills,which is a Shopping and Leisure park that has 3 centres in the Devon and Cornwall,you can buy anything there and they have great deals on beauty products! This large bottle of fragrance was only £2.29 which is so unbelievably cheap considering the generous size of the bottle.I wanted a neutral scent that I could wear everyday and to work,so this seems like just the thing I'm looking for.

This fragrance is definitely a dupe of CK One,both in appearance and smell.The bottle actually feels heavy and much more expensive than its price.It all seemed too good to be true,but then I spritzed a little on my wrists and I was pleasantly surprised.I love the detailed description of the scent and I'd say it's pretty accurate.Describing scents online can be hard but it's a citrus scent that has musky sandalwood undertones.If you love very sweet floral fragrances I would say this isn't for you,but if you're after a crisp and slightly more sophisticated fragrance then I would recommend it.I love that it doesn't smell overwhelming or cheap too,no one will ever know how much I paid for it! It's a very clean and uncomplicated fragrance which would be well suited to Men or Women.Women. I've been wearing it for about 4 hours and it's only just begun to fade,and for the price I don't think that's too bad really.

I'm definitely going to be looking for more budget fragrances to add to my collection.I've heard and read great reviews about perfumes from Lidl,Poundland and Primark.What would you recommend?


Beauty // Products I wouldn't repurchase

I have a corner shelf that has all of my toiletries on it,most of which I really love and use religiously.However,there is a dark corner that never gets touched,which is full of products that I have relegated to the back,never to be used again.I hate it when I buy a product and I'm really excited,but it turns out to be really disappointing, that's why I'm glad I don't spend too much money on these things!

I bought Oz Bonatics Major Moisture Shampoo from Poundland, and I was really expecting good results as it seemed like such a good dupe for the more expensive Aussie haircare range,but no luck! It smells really good,kind of like bubblegum,but it left my hair feeling really lank and weighed down.

I'm a big fan of dry shampoos because I get up very early for work,and I can't be bothered to wash my hair in the early hours of the morning.I usually use Batiste which works wonderfully,but I was really interested to see this waterless foam shampoo from Tresemme which I bought from Boots for around the £5 mark.I was willing to pay more because I thought it would give me really similar results to washing my hair,but all that happened is that it smelt slightly fresher.It didn't remove any grease and it left the ends of my hair looking really frizzy.You're supposed to distribute it through the hair and then blast it with a hairdryer,but I formulation is so gloopy that it gets everywhere! I'd stick to traditional dry shampoo.

I can't make my mind up about this Shine Gloss Booster from Bristow's  which I bought from Poundland.It says that it "gives hair a healthy shine" and that it has an "instant visible effect" but it doesn't seem to do anything! It smells quite nice and fresh but I haven't really seen any difference in the glossiness of my hair since using it.Maybe I'm not looking hard enough? Apparently it does protect against breakage, and my hair is looking quite breakage free at the moment,but I doubt that's got anything to do with this product.

I definitely won't be repurchasing these again,and this is a great reminder to myself not to get sucked into all of the buzzwords that promise me the swishy,glossy hair from a L'Oreal Advert.Oh well,I can still dream!

Have you bought any products you're dissapointed with? 


Fashion // Payday Wishlist

Payday Wishlist

Payday is coming around so for me (and lots of other people,this post has been inspired by great reads I've seen.) I'm hoping to treat myself, but I often lose track of the things I'm really after, so I thought I'd create a wishlist where I can share all of my current fashion and beauty wishes.

001. Women's World Map Wristwatch :- £1.66 from Ebay

I don't often wear watches so I don't want to purchase one that breaks the bank,and this ticks all the boxes.I love travelling and it's definitely very eye catching! Until I can afford to go abroad I can have this beautiful watch.

002. Pink Floral Print Bra & Knickers :- £12.99 & £3.99 from New Look

There's just something about pretty matching underwear that makes me feel so much nicer and put together.I'm definitely into the girly/floral/lacy style of lingerie so this is perfect,and I love the 50's corset look of the bra.All for under £20 too so it's quite a bargain.

003. Jeffrey & Paula Print Tapered Leg Pyjama Trousers:- £35 from Simply Be

These are a tad on the expensive side,but seeing as I don't usually wear trousers I want to make sure I feel comfortable.I'm trying to challenge myself to wear clothes that I still feel are only for a certain body type (not mine) and these are beautiful! I think the cut of the leg is really flattering and I love how subtle the print is,I don't need trousers that say "hey look at my thighs".I'd style them with a simple white vest and my trusty brogues.

004. Coral 3/4 Sleeve Crotchet Collar Skater Dress:- £8 from New Look

The first thing that caught my eye was the beautiful vibrant colour. I love coral and I really think it helps brighten up my pale freckly skin.skin. I've seen great Peter Pan dress OOTD's and I've been inspired to buy one,I love how girly and sweet they are.It will definitely take my back to my schoolgirl days!

005.Max Factor Creme Puff Translucent Compact Powder :-£4.31 from Amazon

After a long day my T-zone tends to resemble an oil slick,so I like to add a dab of powder to keep things in check.I'm definitely a fan of tried and tested products and I've heard great things about this vintage classic. I've been looking for a translucent powder that doesn't cake or leave my skin irritated, and I've had a lot of success with Max Factor in the past so fingers crossed! It's a great budget buy too.

There's not too long to wait until I can go on a little shopping spree, although I definitely find it easier if I put some money in my savings first (priorities!)

What's on your wishlist this month?


Fashion // Current favourites

I was searching through my wardrobe this morning and amongst the five year old pyjamas and shoes I've never worn,I found all of my current favourites and arranged them so they're easy to get to.My wardrobes aren't very organised but I do like to have them to hand, a kind of organised chaos.Anyway,these are the bits and bobs that I can't stop wearing at the moment!

I can't get over how much I love this dress! It's so comfortable and I love the cut.I can't often find dresses that fit my shape like this,and the vibrant daisy print only adds to it.I have seen a similar dress in Topshop before but I picked this up in Primark and it was only £13.All of the seams appear very sturdy and the zip at the back makes it look much higher end.Well done Primark!

I was a huge My Little Pony fan when I was growing up,as I'm sure any 80's or 90's child was.I loved the bright colours and it definitely fulfilled some dream that I too could have my own ponies (albeit toy ones.) You're never too old to bring some nostalgia to your clothes though and these socks are so adorable.They were £2.50 and they've kept their colour really well.I'm definitely going to pop in and see what other ranges they offer.I know Primark have a big Marvel range out at the moment,so if you're a big comic book fan now looks like your time.

This photo really doesn't do this ring justice,but my Gran generously gave this to me a few weeks ago.She's always worn so many rings that she jingles when she walks,and I love to hear all of her stories about how she got them.I'm not too sure about the back story or what it's made of but I think it's Ruby and possibly Diamonds.I was thinking of going to a Jewellers to see if they would be able to have a look at it.The stone in the middle shines a deep claret red colour in the sun and the little gems around it sparkle too.It's so beautiful and I love that it's always going to have memories of my Gran attached to it. 

Sorry for the wrinkled socks and messy laces,I'm the kind of person that ties up their shoes rushing out of the door and then has to retie them a billion times (I should learn really.) I'm a bit late to the Brogue party,I've seen them around lots before but I never thought to buy a pair.I'm so glad I did! I love how they make any outfit look smart and polished,and these ones from Primark are so comfortable.I picked these up for £12 and I've worn them pretty much every day since.I love to wear them with that red daisy print dress and tights,they're so wearable and go with pretty much anything. I'm still thinking of more ways to wear them though,so I'd love to read any tips or OOTD's you guys have.

So there we go,there are the things I can't be without right now.I've really enjoyed writing a different post,and I think they're might be some more fashion related things on the blog soon.Hopefully I will get used to being in front of the camera!

What are you loving at the moment?


Lifestyle // Blogger's perfect lives

via Coverbooth.com

In this post I'm going to be talking about the inspirational blogging mindset and how this can make people feel inadequate or like they need to go on millions of spending sprees in order to meet certain "standards".I am in no way talking about a particular blog or person so this isn't aimed at anyone!

I love reading blogs from writers all over the world and from all walks of life.There is so much to learn and explore that I could spend hours reading people's musings and looking at their pictures.Scroll for too long through,and sometimes I can start to feel a bit down.There are pictures of perfectly placed cups of tea framing high end beauty products,or a person who has a seemingly perfect home peppered with artsy creations and a wardrobe of beautiful vintage clothing.I think that some blogs definitely seem to sell a "lifestyle" which I don't have a problem with as it's no different to a magazine,but it can leave you feeling like there's something missing in your life or blog.

I do think it's important that we realise that bloggers are only people.They might watch Jeremy Kyle in the mornings,or perhaps they hate doing the laundry.Whatever it is, perfection doesn't exist.Of course,it can look very convincing,but human's by nature aren't perfect and that includes bloggers too.

Everyone has different budgets and that is apparent in everyday life,but in the blogging world it seems magnified and thoughts can sometimes pop in my head."Why can't I have that?" "It would take me months to save up".I probably could buy it,but it's not in my nature too so I focus on budget beauty.If you're into high end products then that's great! If bloggers review and talk about both then readers have a wider amount to read about.

The Internet is a huge place with room for everyone.If you like to talk about high end fashion then do it! Are you interested in the Paranormal? Share your passion.Someone is bound to read it and be grateful for the information,it might even inspire them to start writing.

Theodore Roosevelt said "comparison is the thief of joy" and I couldn't agree more.Let's hold each other up and enjoy our community,but remember that things aren't always as they seem! (When I'm taking pictures I often have my slobby "house" clothes on.)


My day in pictures // Bank Holiday farm trip

I've been trying to get outside more this weekend! I always find I feel much happier and more balanced when I get out in the fresh air.This time we headed over to Totnes Rare Breeds farm which is a popular attraction this time of year.I love it because there are plenty of places to sit and watch the world go by,as well as various rare and farm animals to feed and pet.It's pretty reasonably priced too,adult tickets are £5.95 and children's are £4.50.

It's a good couple of miles away from where I live,so we decided to make the most of the weather and walk along the Village cycle path.It's very popular with dog walkers (I always get to meet some adorable pets!) and I love to watch the sun dance through the trees.

This beautiful owl was the first animal I saw when I came in and what a way to start! His handler was getting him to show us his wings and he was so obedient and affectionate.I love seeing animals and humans having positive and happy relationships.

There are plenty of owls to look at and I just had to get a picture of this little guy.He looks like he's up to something, but he looks adorable nonetheless.

I would hazard a guess that these Alpacas are considered a rare breed as I never see them wandering the countryside.You get a bag of feed when you enter and this one wanted all of it! They're really interesting animals that are very curious about people and their pockets.Most Alpacas don't spit either,which I am very grateful for.This little fellow is called Cappuccino which makes him even cuter!

If you like cute farm animals then you won't be dissapointed as there are lots of little chicks and ducklings to watch waddle about.

This trip definitely makes me want to life the "Good Life" and have a field full of animals! I'd really recommend this to any animal and nature lovers.You can spend a good few hours in there and there is a little cafe to visit if you get hungry.

Most areas have a local farm you can visit,they're really eye opening and a great way to support your conservation and welfare programs.Even Cities have got in on the act and offer various pet and wildlife farms.

What have you been doing this Bank Holiday?


99p store bargains // Fitvits gummy vitamins review

I always seem to get a cold around Easter time,no matter what I do but recently I've been trying to make sure I take more vitamins and drink plenty of water (easier said than done!) to keep them at bay. I normally take the standard tablet vitamins,but I was browsing my local 99p store and these really caught my eye.I know I may be 22 and these are aimed at kids,but anything that encourages me to take vitamins can only be a good thing.They are by a brand called FitVits which make great tasting vitamins for children aged 3-12 (damn I just missed it!)

Both boxes were 99p each and contain a week's supply of vitamins,so this definitely isn't the most cost effective way to take supplements,but they are really easy to carry around so they're great for popping in your handbag or in your suitcase if you're going away on holiday.Also,if you find it difficult to swallow tablets or don't like the taste I would really recommend looking for a gummy vitamin.

These are the Calcium Cows and one pack of five gummies provides 12.5% of the RDA of Calcium and 20% of Vitamin D.They do say that these aren't to replace actual food and drink that contain vitamins,but they're great to top up your nutrient intake.There are two flavours,Strawberry and Banana milkshake and I love that they don't taste artificial or leave a funny aftertaste in your mouth.Also these are Vegetarian friendly as well as being Gluten and Dairy free,so they are suitable for everyone (over the age of 3.) 

The Multivitamin Gummy Bears taste a lot like Jelly Babies except they offer much more in the way of nutrients.They are also Vegetarian friendly and Gluten and Dairy free,I really like that this company don't exclude anyone from using their products.The bears come in four great tasting flavours which are Apple,Blackcurrant,Strawberry and Orange.

One pack of 7 gummies offers these percentages of the RDA

Vitamin A 75%
Vitamin D 100%
Vitamin E 83%
Vitamin C 75%
Folic Acid 100%
Vitamin B12 40%
Pantothenic Acid 100%

They also have no artificial colours or flavours,as do all of their products (that I know of) so they're great if you're trying to be more mindful of what goes into your or your child's body.

I would really recommend FitVits vitamins as a fun break from other more cost effective supplements,I mean who can resist the cute shapes and with flavours like Strawberry milkshake you can't really go wrong.If I see any more I'm definitely going to pick them up.

Do you take daily Vitamins?  If so,how do you remember to take them? (I'm so forgetful)


My day in pictures // Bank holiday seaside trip

This time of year Devon is full of tourists,and I can see why but maybe I'm a little biased! I think we can all agree that there is nothing better than a day at the seaside,it's so relaxing to sit on the warm sand and listen to the sounds of the waves lapping the shore.The only thing with beaches in the UK is that the sea breeze can be a bit too icy,but that's what tea was made for.We decided to make the most of the four day weekend and head to Paignton and Torquay.

First stop was Paignton so that we could have a walk along the sandy beach.It was very busy but the atmosphere was so happy,people were laughing and relaxing after a long week.It was quite windy and I think I probably should have worn tights,a bit of skill was needed to avoid a Marilyn Monroe moment,but it was worth it to take in the beautiful scenery and let the salty air clear my mind.

 I was pretty cold after that so I thought I'd take a break and stop for a cuppa at the pier cafe.Seeing as we were already at there,we went to see if we could win anything on the games,I swear they're fixed,but I'm a sucker and I can't just walk past them.I could walk along the Pier for ages,taking in the smell of hot doughnuts and feeling the salty air whip through my hair (I'll need no salt spray for my hair today!)

I decided to keep the amount of money I spent to a minimum by going on the 2p machines.There's something about these that bring out the little kid in me,I love the clinking sounds,flashing lights and how my hands smell like coins for hours.This pot lasted me a while as I kept winning a few back,so feeling quite full of myself I decided to head to the claw machines but as you can imagine,I didn't win anything.Some people were putting loads of money in,it's so easy to spend more than you would just buying the toy.

Paignton is great fun but it's quite a small town,so we decided to head over to Torquay to see what was going on.We got Torbay Dayriders on the bus which was £9.80 for both of us,so if you're down here and you want to travel around Torquay,Paignton and Brixham I would recommend this as a cheap way to get around,as you can go back and forth in one day as much as you want.

This time of year Torquay really comes in to it's own,the famous English Rivera palm trees sway in the summer breeze and the grass is blanketed in flowers of all colours.We thought this would be a perfect place to have a picnic so we sat down for some food.I'd definitely recommend taking a packed lunch if you could to avoid the long queues and the expensive prices.

 I couldn't leave Torquay without doing a little bit of shopping,and this guy was certainly drawing a crowd in on the High street.I've never seen a busking act like this before,but he did manage to do it! Rather him than me but he seemed to be enjoying himself and making quite a bit of money.

I came home really tired but we had so much fun,I'm definitely going to go to Torbay more when I can because I love a change of scenery and the people are always so lovely.

What are you doing this Bank Holiday weekend? Any nice plans?



I've got mail // The Blogger's Snail Mail

I was so happy to get home from work as I'm looking forward to the Bank Holiday,but receiving this lovely gift and note from Vicki at EllieBearBabi (go and follow her, she's awesome) made it even greater! I've been chatting to her over on Twitter as part of The Blogger's Snail Mail which was set up by Gemma over at Lipstick & Lashes.Basically,we got to know someone and their blog,and at the end of it we could send a note or letter and a gift for no more than £5.This budget really helped us to get creative! Luckily my snail mail pal is very crafty and I wasn't disappointed with it's lovely presentation.

The first thing I noticed was the beautiful Butterfly wrapping, and look at all the goodies that are inside! This definitely inspires me to take more effort to wrap up presents prettily.The cute note was a lovely personal touch too,thank you Vicki for all of your kinds words.By the way,I wish I had that handwriting,I can't write in straight lines on blank paper (many school notebooks were thrown away!)

I love the design from the back of the card,it's very fitting seeing as it comes from a very creative person.In my head,I'm a 1950's housewife who is really good at sewing, so this appeals to my nature.

Let's have a quick peek at what's inside shall we?

I always like to have a mirror in my handbag as I'm prone to getting stuff stuck in my teeth (hello spinach) and this is so cute! Vintage pin up design and a heart shape.What more could I want?

 This looks really interesting! SPF is one of the things I look for in a moisturiser, but I've never seen this before (maybe it's a Northern Irish thing?) I love Nivea products and I've heard so many great things about BB creams,especially with the Summer coming up when it's nicer to wear less make up.

This sheer pink lipstick is by a company called NYPM and I'm really excited to try a different brand.I don't have many pink shades,so I will be branching out a bit which is always good.It will make a nice change from my usual red or purple toned lip colours.

I do like to add a little bit of colour to my cheeks,but I prefer a subtle rosy glow over an Aunt Sally (Google it) look. I've heard that this tint is a good dupe for Benefit's version too,so fingers crossed! As for the nail varnish well it couldn't be more perfect.I love sparkles and I've already sung the praises of Jess nail polishes here.I'm creating a bit of a nail polish collection (let's hope they don't take over my house)

I've had so much fun chatting and writing my letter,it just goes to show how far good words and friendly gestures can go! I wish people wrote letters more as it always feels much more personal and special to receive your very own handwritten note in the post.Thank you Vicki for taking the time to create this lovely package,it definitely brightened my day!

Do you ever write letters? I think I might start (it's an excuse to buy pretty stationary.)


90's baby // Playlist

I love everything about the 90's.Everybody reminisces about their childhood,and I think there was something really special about that time.I was born in 1991 so I got to experience lots of the fashion,entertainment and music.I grew up listening to a lot of ballads (so much Celine Dion and Whitney Houston-thanks Mum!) but being a child my musical tastes changed by the hour.I still love listening to my old favourites so I thought I'd share them with you!

Travis :- Why does it always rain on me? (1999)

Does anyone know what happened to Travis? They had some great songs in the 90's including this one and Driftwood.I always though they seemed a little depressing,"Oh where did the blue skys go/And why is it raining so?",but I it's a very chilled song with a lovely melody.It's a shame they didn't release more.

Jennifer Page :- Crush (1998)

I didn't really understand this song at 9 years old but I love (and still do) how easy it is to listen to.I remember it being played constantly on the radio and I loved to join in with the "sha la la la" part.

The Wannadies :- Me & You song (1994)

Yet another 90's band that seems to have disappeared off the face of the Earth! This is such a feel good song,it's definitely one for those long summer days.The lyrics are really simple and easy to follow too,which i loved as a kid.

Oasis:- Wonderwall (1995)

I love this song so much I had it as the first dance at the wedding! It's such an iconic song and the words are so beautiful.It's sung by Liam Gallagher on the main version but there are some acoustic recordings of Noel singing it that are amazing.Oasis is my hubby's favourite band so I've been getting into them more now that I can appreciate them as an adult.

Spice Girls-Wannabe (1996)

Everybody and their Mum loved Spice Girls back in the 90's (and most still do!) This was one of the anthems of my childhood.I always wanted to be Baby Spice (my hair was always in bunches) and I would parade around the house proclaiming "if you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my friends" which looking back was a bit dubious! The lyrics are really catchy and it definitely gets in your head.Remember The Spice Girls Movie?

Chumbawumba :- Tubthumping (1997)

With a band name like Chumbawumba you can expect something completely different! It's really easy to sing along to as most of the lyrics are "I get knocked down,but I get up again,you're never gonna keep me down".I remember this being played at parties all the time as a kid,and all of the adults who'd had a few too many would start chanting this!

I have so many favourite songs from the 90's that it would take me forever to list them.I'd love some recommendations though,so what are your top picks from the decade?


Beauty // Shower essentials

I'm definitely a creature of habit and I love my morning routine.There's nothing better than feeling fresh and ready for the day, and I've found these products always help me start the morning on the right foot.I use these religiously and I will be making sure that I repurchase them again.

Sanctuary Spa Body Scrub (£5.50 from Boots)

I've been loving Sanctuary products since I received a gift box for Christmas,they're really affordable yet they have that luxurious look.This scrub is really gentle and doesn't leave my skin irritated or red.I suffer with Keratosis Pilaris,which is rough and bumpy skin on my upper arms and this really helps combat that and keep my skin smooth.It's perfect to use in the morning because it's got a gorgeous citrus scent that is really wakes me up!

Radox Moisture Soak (£1 from Poundland)

I do love a nice bubble bath.A few candles and the water at just the right temperature (boiling hot) and I'm happy.The downside of having regular hot baths is it can leave my skin feeling dried out,luckily this bubble bath really helps to put the moisture back in.It creates loads of comforting bubbles and fills the room with a sweet and inviting fragrance.You really don't need much either,I've had this for a good few months!

Nivea Harmony Time Shower Cream (£1 from Poundland)

This smells absolutely gorgeous! It's almost perfume like and leaves my skin smelling faintly of rose petals and sweet almonds.The formulation is very creamy so it would be brilliant for people who suffer with dry,tight skin (like me.) 

Gilette Venus Razor (£7.99 from Boots)

I don't use these everyday (I alternate it with cheaper razors) as I think that  Venus razors and the new blades can get pretty pricey,but I love the results.I can get a close smooth shave and it doesn't drag across my skin and cut it up like some other razors have done.Armpits can be notoriously hard to get completely shaved because of the awkward shape,but I find that these leave no fuzz behind.There are normally quite a lot of offers and deals on Venus products so I'd keep an eye open to see if they go down in price. 

I'm always keeping my eye out for new products,but I always go back to these.I'm not a fan of fussy or complicated bottles (I'm very clumsy) but these do the job!

What products are you loving at the moment?